Industrial Duty Digital Surveillance System

Wash Vision™ is a state of the art carwash monitoring system featuring digital recording and remote access for simple and comprehensive video monitoring of your carwash.

Digital recording (local and remote), motion detection, loss of signal, remote monitoring of up to 32 cameras simultaneously, PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) support, user defined program access, audio recording, scheduler and true multi-user capability are just a few of the many features included in this system.

The Wash Vision™ remote software included with each system gives you the freedom to monitor your business from anywhere in the world. Video signal can be transmitted over standard phone lines, network computers (LAN) and the Internet. The choice is yours.  Contact us today for details.


Main Features
Industrial Duty System
Wash Vision systems are constructed to withstand harsh environments. Systems utilize steel construction, not plastic.
Multiple Viewing Options
Multi-pane view: Up to 32cameras displayed simultaneously. Four-pane view: 4 cameras can be displayed simultaneously (in larger format), Single-pane view: A single camera is displayed in maximum size.
View all Cameras Simultaneously
In any view, cameras being displayed may be switched with one click of the mouse. All views are available on both Host and Remote.
View, Transmit and Record

From 1 to 32 cameras simultaneously.
Remote View
Via Phone lines, Internet (DSL, Cable), and Local Area Network.
Remote Control
Switch camera views, reset alarms, change alarm settings and view files recorded on either the Remote or Host system.
Digital Recording
Record in color or B&W, Up to 32 cameras can be recorded to disk simultaneously and stored in a date/time stamped file for easy retrieval. Both Host and Remote will record to all hard drives. Files are saved in a non-editable, proprietary format for use in court.
Four different Recording Options
Stop: Stop when recording reaches the end of user-defined disk space.
Circular Recording:
System may be set to go back to the beginning of the files and record over previous recordings so that the last 7-30 days will always be maintained.
Record Remotely:
Remote computer may record incoming video.
Record During Transmission:
The Host can display and record all cameras while simultaneously transmitting to remote system.
Motion Detection
Each camera detects motion at individually defined levels with no additional hardware required. Cameras can be set to ignore motion in predefined areas by blocking out grid sections.
No Signal Detection
System can be set to alert user when a camera is no longer sending a signal
Call Out on Alarm
When Motion or No Signal is detected, up to 2 phone numbers and 1 pager number can be called and a notification message will be played. Call will be placed until alarms have been reset. Alarms may be shut off ant the Remote or Host computer.
User Defined Password Protection
Both Host and Remote have Administrator Password Protection. Additionally, Unlimited Users can be added to the Host, each access and camera views.
Snap Shot
User may take a "snapshot" from any camera during view, record, or playback mode at Host or Remote computer. Snapshots are date/time stamped.
Multiple User Licensing
Optional Multiple User licensing is available. The multi-user license allows more than one simultaneous remote connection. Each systems comes with a 5 User license.

Scheduled Events

The scheduler automatically enable/disables motion detection, recording, remote access, etc. This easy to use interface adds flexibility to an already intuitive system.

Status Log

Status Log is provided on both Host and Remote systems. Displays and prints recent events.

Remote Control

Switch camera views, reset alarms, change alarm settings and view files recorded on either the Remote or Host system.

10x Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom

All cameras have Digital PTZ support.