Cloth Drive Thru 2700

Automatic Aluminum Drive-Thru Wash System, 4 leg support structure 90" vehicle clearance. Primary cleaning components: One pair Wrap-A-Round™ brushes and a single side-to-side top mitter.

Cloth Transit Wash 3100

Originally designed for school buses, the 3100 uses a rugged 6-legged frame with ultra-high molecular density polyethylene bearings. An air retract system is used to protect important crossover mirrors. A double overhead scrubber gently and thoroughly cleans the roof, and is safe for antennas and lights.

High Pressure Transit Wash 414

Our most versatile machine utilizes high volume quadra jet spinners to clean fleets of any size or shape, from subcompacts to 9'; wide by 14'; high. The HPW 414 assures the fleet manager with future expansion plans that the machine purchased will fit the vehicles rather than forcing the vehicles to fit the wash system.

Train Wash

Automatic train washing with an NS Wash System can bring huge cost savings in labor, time, chemicals, water and energy. All of NS rail wash systems are built to the unique specifications of each location and application.