High Pressure Transit Wash 414

Our most versatile machine utilizes high volume quadra jet spinners to clean fleets of any size or shape, from subcompacts to 9'; wide by 14'; high. The HPW 414 assures the fleet manager with future expansion plans that the machine purchased will fit the vehicles rather than forcing the vehicles to fit the wash system.

  • 50 HP free standing pumping system
  • 1500 gallon storage tank
  • High pressure arch with 10 spinners
  • Vehicle counter
  • Undercarriage spray
  • Detergent container
  • Rear degreaser
  • 4 inch curb rail system
  • Dual detergent applicator arch
  • Detergent injection system
  • Activation system
  • Skid plates
  • Motor Control System (UL Approved)
  • Require Fresh Water Pump Arch if using recycling system

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