The bill changer designed and built by the leading
innovator in vehicle wash entry systems.

Easy-to-use & Easy-to-service
Wrap around anti-pry door with Medeco®
Accepts VIP Wash CouponsTM* when
dispensing tokens and equipped with a
Coinco bill validator
Rear-load for extra security
Holds 4,000+ quarter-size coins
(8,000+ for dual)
Bill acceptor & hopper motor
interchangeable with WashSelect IITM*

Optional Advanced Controller Board paging feature
Offered in single and dual styles, WashChange® was designed with the self-serve
operator in mind. WashChange uses a Coinco or Mars Bill Validator with a 1,000 bill
capacity for $1, $5, $10 and programmable to accept $20 bills. It is capable of
dispensing quarters, tokens, or $1 coins and the hopper holds 4,000+ (8,000+ for dual)
quarter-size coins. The stainless steel unit features a wrap-around anti-pry door with
Medeco® locks for added security. VIP Wash Coupons* may be used for promotions when
the changer is programmed to dispense “Tokens Only” and is equipped with a Coinco
bill validator. Other features include wall mounting hardware, multiple relays and sensors,
and a “usage rate limit”. The optional Advanced Controller Board lets you manage your
business with ease. This option allows you to automatically receive system problem
warnings via page or email and allows you to retrieve accounting reports with a PDA
with PalmTM or with a PC (locally or remotely). Now you can have it all from Unitec
Electronics. Because the best place to buy your bill changers is the same place that designs
the industry’s most innovative vehicle wash entry systems.

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