The AuditPro 2000 allows the operator complete control of the payout from each hopper for coin and bill combinations. It also displays all coin, bill and Tokenote® transactions by displaying them on the LCD display. The AuditPro 2000 option is highly desirable for use in family fun centers and any industry where a Hamilton unit is being used as a token dispenser.

The AuditPro permits the operator to easily change the number of tokens dispensed. Great for running off-hour and weekly specials.

When Hamilton units are utilized as paystations, the Audit Pro permits setting prices in $.25 increments.
AuditPro 2000 features include:
  • Quick connect modular jack.
  • Password protected for safety.
  • Resettable and permanent audit counts.
  • Number of bills accepted with totals.
  • Number of Tokenotes® accepted (up to 8 different values).
  • Number and totals of coins accepted.
  • Total number of coins dispensed from each hopper.
  • Total values of coins dispensed from each hopper (except tokens).
  • Also displays unit diagnostic information for quick problem solving.

The AuditPro can be used in conjunction with the following Hamilton models:
VN-1, V-2, SV-1, SV-2, 1200FL, HS Series, ER-60, RNS, 3600R, DRS.

The Audit Pro is standard equipment with the following Hamilton models:
All Hamilton models accepting credit cards.

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