Fragramatics EVD-3 Dispenser

FRAGRAMATICS' pedestal mount machines are the undisputed industry leaders in their class and with good reason. FRAGRAMATICS' pedestal mount units have stood the test of time, delivering great user satisfaction to carwash customers and delivering all-important impulse income profits to carwash operators.

In fact, we're continually amazed at just how long these machines keep on working with minimal maintenance. We know of some EVD units in continuous service for more than 17 years. These units have made literally thousands of dollars for their owners - far more money than their original investment. If you're leaving money on the table, give us a call. We'll help you collect.

Our model EVD-3 fragrance dispenser is one of the most popular models. Our patented bubbling three-column visual display attracts customers and is considered by many operators as a proven customer magnet.
Three Fragrance Dispenser

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