Fragramatics Model Quadra

Create greater impulse income with the model Quadra. This unit combines super vac, turbo vac, fragrance and spot removing shampoo to give customers the choice to switch between services. When services are switched, the computer control automatically recalculates remaining service. Choose from more than 30 proprietary fragrances.

  • Your customer can easily switch between Super vac, Turbo Vac, Spot Removing Shampoo, and Fragrance. A computer-controlled timer adjusts the remaining time of service being used. 
  •  Internally lighted dome advertises around the clock 
  •  Three column standard visual display unit is a customer magnet (Large L.E.D. readout option available)
  • Lighted instructions encourages night sales 
  •  Easy-to-understand instructions 
  •  Internally locked strong box coin vault 
  •  Built-in coin counter activated by hand-held unit 
  •  Our NEW Perma-Scroll™ LED display continuously shows a welcome to your business, prices, instructions and easy-to-understand Quadra operating instructions. 
  •  Timer and LED display unit provide visual and beeper warning messages when time is expired and asks your customer if more time is needed.
  • Bill Acceptor

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