Wash Remote

Wash Remote™ is a complete Carwash Management System that can track revenue and activity of self-serve bays, automatic bays, and vacuums. Monitor changers, chemical levels, air pressure, water pressure, doors, ... just about anything! Better yet, you and/or your service personnel will receive an "alphanumeric" page telling you exactly what's happening when your revenue generating equipment stops making you money.

With Wash Remote™ you can monitor your business 24 hours a day from Home, Office or on the Road. Customizable to fit your needs, Wash Remote™ is a complete package incorporating the latest software and proven technologies. The integrated paging system along with the Alphanumeric Wash Remote™ Pager offer nation wide paging coverage for reliable off-site monitoring. We even throw in a local paging number for you.

The Wash Remote™ system integrates with all brands of equipment. Have the Wash Remote™ system installed in your new car wash or add it to your existing location(s). Install the system yourself using our Installation Manual or have us install it for you. (Installation fees handled separately, contact us for details).


Quick and easy Unit setup.
With Wash Remote's user friendly approach to system setup, configuring units and entering user preferences is a snap.

Wash Remote Standard Server (jpeg)Be aware when you're not there!
Know what's going on 24 hours a day. Wash Remote's integrated paging software package will alert you when units go down, or other key events occur.

Supervisor, Employee and Maintenance level paging.
Each item monitored allows you to decide who is sent a page when a fault occurs. There are 3 different paging groups: Supervisor, Employee, and Maintenance. Pages can be sent to more than one group simultaneously.

Customized paging verbiage.
Control the wording you are paged with when certain key events occur (i.e. “Air pressure low”).

Remote access to your car wash.
Use the integrated PcAnywhere™ software to view and print reports from your car wash without even being there. You can even change settings within the Wash Remote™ software remotely!

How much have you earned today?
With Wash Remote's ability to track money, you can see how much money is in any given safe right now!

Print reports remotely from your home or office.
Wash Remote's reporting features can generate reports on daily revenues, detailed equipment usage including individual bay functions, and more.

Wash Remote™ can monitor up to 24 inputs:

  • Air Pressure
  • Alarms
  • Automatic Bays
  • Bay Functions
  • Changers
  • Chemical Levels
  • Dead Bolts
  • R/O Tanks
  • Self Serve Bays
  • Vacuums
  • Water Pressure

Integrates with nearly all brands of equipment.
Install Wash Remote™ in your new carwash or add it to your existing location(s), it's just as easy. Install the system yourself using our Installation Manual or have us install it for you. (Installation fees handled separately, Contact us for details).

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